I’m here to help

I’ve dedicated my professional life to photography. My work and my passions neatly overlap. I’m always working with pictures and have been doing so for more than 25 years. Whether it’s making my own photographs, printing the images of other artists, solving on-set problems as a digital tech, fixing images as a retoucher, or collecting art. If your problem has anything to do with photography I can either solve it myself or put you in touch with someone who can.

I learned photography on film, in my own darkroom. Over the years, I’ve learned to use whatever tools are needed to solve creative problems efficiently. I’ve been a Pro Member of ASMP since 1997. 

let’s be original

As the youngest of five kids, I’ve often felt a bit of the odd one, but through photography, I’ve learned to embrace those oddities that have made me who I am. I live in a house filled with art and light and two tall women who inspire me to be better each day. I spent a formative year in Austria and considered changing my name. While my Germanic background leaves me a low tolerance for BS, I have a healthy sense of humor. As an avid runner and Nordic skier, I’m outside enough to appreciate morning light and the seasons, as well as offset the effects of monitor glow.


Let’s work together

I’m grateful to be able to work with wonderful people every day. To find out more, get in touch below.