Invitation Home: Behind the Artist's Statement (or "What 10 Year Olds Have to Say About Art")

I've never liked writing Artist's Statements. For my upcoming show at Gallery 360, entitled: "Invitation Home," that's the last thing I have left to do. All the pictures are printed, and are in the process of being framed. I've sent out emails and tweets, so people hopefully know about it, now all I have to do is write roughly a page about the work so that people have something to read while they're waiting for the crowds to clear and it's their turn to look at the pictures. This year, I thought I'd enlist the help of Nora, my 10 year old daughter, who is a wicked scary good writer. I asked her to pretend that she took the pictures: what would she say about them? It was right about teacher-conference time when, (long story short), this admittedly self-serving idea then morphed into an assignment for Nora's 4th and 5th grade class. Below are some excerpts.

"These are photos that should be valued because these are moments that we may never go back to."

"They are a reminder to me of what life is all about. The beauty that can be found in something as simple as the sky…"

"I have come to think of the pictures as reminders as of what I was missing at home."

"All of these pictures represent what can easily be found but is not appreciated enough."

"Simple pictures have stories hidden inside."

"These pictures were made as invitations home. They are peace."

"They are pictures of the things that affect humans every day."

Many thanks to Emily Rolek, John Simon, and all of their students for turning my laziness as an artist into a (hopefully) worthy assignment.

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